Q&A with Daryl Palumbo of Color Film

Color Film Daryl

Jimmy Donnellan caught up with Daryl Palumbo to discuss his latest project, Color Film.

Daryl Palumbo is one of the biggest voices on the alternative scene and has been for many years, so when he agreed to an interview with us it’s safe to say that we were a little delighted.

You might be familiar with Daryl’s work as the frontman of Glassjaw: a celebrated post-hardcore four-piece that has helped to shape the sound of a many bands you hear today. Many of them laud the guys from Long Island as an inspiration and it’s easy to see why with a listen to their seminal debut, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence. 

Following the release of the equally influential Worship and Tribute in 2002, Daryl took a break from Glassjaw to focus his talents elsewhere and that came with the formation of Head Automatica. Mixing indie with dance and a dash of punk thrown in for good measure, HA also boasted the hugely talented Richard Penzone in a multi-instrumental role.

In  2012, Palumbo announced that he and Penzone would be starting up another project which would again prove their eclecticism. Color Film would be a much more experimental offering from the pair and after the release of their debut, Until You Turn Blue, the future looks very promising for a full-length release.

Q&A with Daryl Palumbo

Color Film Daryl

1. Hey Daryl, how are you doing?

Doing great thank you. Cold at the moment, but great nonetheless.

2. You first played as Color Film back in 2012. How come it’s taken so long for the EP release?

I guess we didn’t particularly want to rush anything. When you start a new project, your first inclination is to release as much material as possible and the debut full length in your first few months of existence. We were really into writing an absurd amount of material and distributing it among the few releases we’d been planning. There will be another E.P. being released shortly, with the first full length “Living Arrangements” to follow. In retrospect, it seems that the full length was the first release we managed to finish, while being last to come out.

3. With Color Film, you’re branching into exciting new genres. Is there any genre you’d like to try in the future?

There’s always sounds, styles and fantasy projects you envision yourself doing. Sometimes however, maybe you just haven’t wrapped your head around the particular sound the correct way yet and refuse to disrespect the music itself by hastily plunging in.

4. What was the main inspiration behind the EP?

Until You Turn Blue

The song “Until You Turn Blue” itself? The same as any of our other songs actually. We typically sit and chat about stuff we may have been listening to or a vibe we were wanting to play around with then fiddle around with some ideas. If you were asking how the idea to do an E.P. altogether came about, then I’d say our close friend Nick Hook was starting a label (Calm & Collect) and asked us to be the first release on it. We all decided to do an E.P. digitally and on vinyl with a few remixes on each. Recently we finished the video for the title track itself which will be released in the next week or so.

5. Any plans to come to the UK soon for a live show?

We’re definitely planning on making our first trip over to the U.K. sooner than later. Richard and I have so much love for the U.K. and have managed to have nothing but great moments when playing over whichever endeavor we were there with at the time. I have no doubt we will be playing in the U.K. once we release our next E.P. which we’re wrapping up now.

6. How have you found the response so far?

The response so far has been inspiring. We’ve been lucky to get some great shows and small tours where we the receptions were wonderful across the board.

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