Pulse: New Music You Need #1

Bad Sounds

bad sounds music

Sure, there’s only really a month left of summer tops and the days have been steadily getting shorter since the ol’ longest day back in June, but fuck it. That’s still a month of summer left, and that’s plenty of time for summer jams, and so what if there’s more night time than day time occurring as it goes on? Some summer jams were meant for summer nights.

One such example would be Bad Sounds’ debut demo, Living Alone. It’s got sexy summer sunset audibility all over it. There’s laidback funk, burned out atmosphere, lethargic verse vocals, and high chorus falsettos bringing the sex. There’s still at least a month of summer left kids.


Soft Walls

soft walls music

Soft Walls’ Dan Reeves is a busy boy. I mean, he is Dan Reeves, member of Brighton based Cold Pumas, as well as Dan Reeves, head honcho at his own record label, Faux Discx, and then on top of that he is Soft Walls. That’s a either a full plate or plenty of fingers in plenty of pies. Maybe even a full plate of pies that he’s fingering.

Whatever, we’re here to feel Soft Walls. When feeling these walls, they feel not like the soft furry werewolf walls that Jonah Hill likes to stroke for comfort when suffering with Jeffrey anxiety. No, these soft walls feel like hypnotic post-punk that leads you into a deep down trance. Repetition, psychedelia, krautrock, drone, these walls are pebble-dashed with it all.(ED: I don’t know what he’s talking about either but it sounds profound)


Joyce Manor

joyce manor

Joyce Manor are punk of the quick and to-the-point variety. They’ve put out three albums to date, having just released Never Hungover Again. The songs themselves generally fall between two and three minutes (sometimes less), it’s not like you’re getting punk equivalents of Napalm Death’s You Suffer. Plus, come on, it’s punk.

To be precise, it’s pop-punk of the more punk than pop variety, all speckled with spots of old school emo and the shadiest shades of melodic hardcore. Their new album, for example, is catchy, it’s infectious, it’s melodic, but it’s raw, it’s passionate, it’s emotional, and it’s long enough to satisfy but short enough to leave you wanting more.



indian band

Thank God someone chucked up the individual tracks from Indian’s latest album, From All Purity, onto YouTube. You see, I’m particularly fond of Rape – the first song off the album I hastily add – and searching for Indian Rape, whilst trying to share with friends, just… just brought up things I didn’t want to be a part of. Internet, you so dark. Anyhow, Indian purvey musical pain, and it is wonderful.

Combining elements of black metal, doom metal, sludge and just fucking tasty noise, Indian are a great band, and their latest album is a perfect example of this. If you like your music heavy, abrasive, nightmarishly trance inducing and lacerated with anguish then oh, baby, you’ve come to the right place.

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