Pulse: New Music You Need In 2015 #2


This valleys four piece have gone through a number of changes in their time together, whether it be names, sounds, styles, whatever, but 2014 saw them settle themselves into everything that it is that made and makes the band MIXALYDIA. That happens be an incredibly driven indie rock band with more than a keen ear for a melody.

Even before settling on who and what they are today, MIXALYDIA have been gigging and writing extensively. This last year saw them really ramp that up with near obsessive compulsive levels of gigging, radio airplay aplenty, along with a number of nods of support in their direction from the right people(including a BBC Radio Wales award). Altogether, they’ve made quite a name for themselves in South Wales, and 2015 is sure to see them extend beyond that.

Lil Herb

Lil Herb is another of those frustratingly talented young people I keep complaining about, at just 19 he’s already dropped a few ridiculously accomplished mixtapes that have been met with some rapturous acclaim. The kind of talent, accomplishment, and acclaim that has seen him be snapped up for collaborations with big names like Chance the Rapper, Common, and the biggest of big names Nicki Minaj.

Coming out of Chicago Lil Herb is riding on a wave of rappers working in trap influences, and what is commonly getting called drill now, but what most seem to be highlighting Lil Herb for in comparison to his numerous peers his lyrical abilities, not just in delivery and flow, but in his actual lyrics giving some real truth, story, imagery, and contextual framing to the hardhitting tales of drugs, violence, and gangs. Lil Herb is going to keep snowballing and take 2015 for his own.


This three piece of quirky, no that’s a boring word, eccentric, getting there – mad badgers! This trio of mad badgers from London released their debut single, ‘Ohio’, back in October and it is quite possibly the catchiest song of the entire year, whilst simultaneously being one of its most surreal and gleefully unique. Just listen to the fucking thing, it’s glorious, I am unable to stop listening to it, and I think somehow I am in love with it. Can a man love a song?

On the flipside to ‘Ohio’s colourful funk, blissed out vocal harmonies, chattering changes, ridiculously catchiness, wonderfully witty lyrics, and just general mad badgerness, was also the song ‘Cinnamon’. Now, whilst ‘Cinnamon’ may profess ‘my teeth are long and strong, they bite through metal and chewing gum, I like the taste of human, like cinnamon, like cinnamon’, it does so in a disarmingly harmonious and spacious way, with layer upon layer of vocal harmony and sparse instrumentation.

On the basis of just these two songs, 2015 should be hypnotised and then probably eaten by Peluché.

Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product or Snow White Tha Product or Claudia White or Claudia Alexandra Feliciano to her family, has more names than Eminem and is considered to be part of a new wave of female rappers that include Azealia Banks, Rapsody (who we covered in the FIRST PART), and Angel Haze. Though just like each of those she has her own unique style and is completely doing her own thing.

Grouping them together seems to be solely based on the fact that they’re female. Oh, wow. Well observed. Anyway, what’s Snow Tha Product about? Fast as fuck flow, serious attitude, actually being able to sing, and a penchant for really eclectic beats and production, no doubt inspired by the wide range of influences and her appreciation for artists that are original and unique. When 40oz In First Class drops Snow Tha Product is going to be everywhere.

All We Are

Apparently, this Liverpudlian trio play ‘psychedelic boogie’ and sound like ‘the BeeGees on diazepam’. I don’t know why I say ‘apparently’ they don’t because upon listening to All We Are it’s quite clear that they do. No, I mean it, they really do. Okay, maybe the BeeGees on diazepam and acid too.

The three-piece first met and got together a few years back at Liverpool’s Institute for Performing Arts, and have been touring and steadily releasing singles that has allowed a slow reveal of just how far down the rabbit hole they go, and it’s pretty far. In fact Wonderland built a discothèque and made All We Are the house band where they sound like Low conducting The Flaming Lips playing BeeGees covers. In the absolute, best possible way. Debut album due this month.

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