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Pulse: New Music You Need #13

You there, the incredibly good looking one, put down that music there that you are already familiar with. Step away from it and come here. Closer. Closer. Too close, back it up, back it up. Good. Now open your ears and open your mind as I introduce you to this music. It’s new music and it’s infinitely better than that old music you were listening to, is definitely nothing you’ve ever heard before, and will absolutely positively suit your exact personal tastes precisely. I guarantee it.*

It’s another edition of your favourite new music feature, PULSE, and as ever it is obviously the best one yet. In fact, I would go so far as to say it will be the best one ever. Until I write the next one anyway. HOOK THESE TO YOUR VEINS.

*Not a guarantee.


February is a right shit month. You may remember saying something similar about January, but damn it, if February ain’t shit too. It’s more the weather though than January’s existential and financial blues; winter’s making sure you know it’s kicking your arse before it has to give you over to spring. I mean, as I write this it’s ridiculously cold, and I’m inside!

Okay, that might be to do with the fact we don’t have the heating on, because bills, but my point remains – it’s snowed, rained, and hailed a number of times the last couple days. However, get WOAHNOWS blaring through your speakers and you might just forget that fact. Raucous punk rock, with tinges of anthemic old-school emo, big indie hooks, gang chants, and euphoric choruses. You’d swear it was summer, so turn it up loud and shake off the wet with sheer energy.


If you were to listen to a band’s music and use it describe the type of person they are (no, not ‘musician’, smartarse), when listening to Corbu’s output you would describe these five Brooklynites as dreamers. I mean, you might say that they were sedated to, but what do you think they’re doing in that state? (Stop being a smartarse)

Before you jump to the conclusion that Corbu weave dreampop (you really are in a funny mood today, aren’t you?). This five-piece don’t limit themselves to the constrains of more traditional pop structure that many dreampop bands do when reigning in their soundscapes. Instead, Corbu embrace, and float away with, the expansive elements of their songs, built upon collages of layer and detail, creating the sensation of being semi-lucid and lost in a dreamstate.


It took me some time to actually write these very words that you are currently reading in relation to ALA.NI. You see, when I write these things for each artist I ramble on about, I’m listening to them as I do so. This is very much the case right now. As I am writing about ALA.NI, I am listening to her. So, why did it take me some time to actually write these very words that you are currently reading?

Well, I didn’t want to write them that’s why. I wanted to just keep listening to ALA.NI and not have to think about writing anything, and then I just kept putting ‘Cherry Blossom’ on repeat, and then I forgot I had anything to do. ALA.NI is a musician, producer, and video director based out of London. ALA.NI writes some of the most delicately, beautiful songs you are likely to hear. ALA.NI sings like she is trying to make you forget your troubles and offer gentle comfort in their place. She succeeds.

Curly Fryz

‘Y’all ain’t fresh as me!’ Curly Fryz boast on their debut single, but damn it I’m trying! Though, damn it, I haven’t got a hope in hell of being as fresh as them. I don’t even think I can use ‘fresh’ via the written word with any credibility. So, let’s not talk me, let’s talk Curly Fryz.

The duo of Dani and Charli, singer and rapper respectively, hail from ‘South Florida and New York City via Los Angeles’ started out as performance art school students and competition dancers, before taking dancing further and dancing with the likes of Prince, Rihanna, Pharrell, and Missy Elliot to name a few. Then, after moving to Los Angeles, aged just 15 and 17, their attentions turned to songwriting and choreographing. Now, as Curly Fryz the pair play around in pop and urban music, delivering an out and out banger in the shape of ‘Stay On Ten’.

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