PUBG Reportedly Coming To PS4 In December

PUBG Xbox One

The inevitable seems like its edging closer: after a ratings leak from Korea suggested that the Xbox One’s console exclusivity for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was coming to an end, another hint about it making the switch has been found.

Two PUBG images have reportedly been discovered by a PSN Profiles (a website that’s mostly known for allowing you to track trophies) user on official PlayStation servers, hinting that it’s on its way.



Adding fuel to the fire, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, who tends to be right more often than not, posted on ResetEra that the game will be out in December and may coincide with a surprise drop at The Game Awards, though that isn’t a certainty.

The PS4 version of PUBG feels like a certainty at this point, which makes it so much odder that Microsoft went so far in on marketing it. It has been a big selling point for them over the past year despite the fact that it runs not all that hot on an Xbox One; you’d have to imagine that the early days on the PS4 would follow the same pattern.

Will it arrive too late, however? With Fortnite dominating the battle royale scene, Call of Duty doing its Blackout thing, and H1Z1 free on the console, is there much room for another similar experience, especially one that may have already had its time in the sun?

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