PS5: How To Add More Games To The Home Screen

PS5 console

The PS5 is a wonderful bit of kit that allows you to play games across generations, and with how often new games are added, it can often mean that there are simply too many to play and keep track of. The PS5’s home screen allows players to browse through up to ten items at once, but is there any way to add more games to the home screen on the PS5?

The simple answer is: not yet. There is no way of adding extra games to the home screen on the PS5. Players will have to look through their whole library to find any game that they haven’t played recently and after it’s played, it will be added to the home screen.

While this is undoubtedly a bit of a nuisance, it’s worth remembering that Sony does update console firmware over time to add new features. The PS4 took a while to get many of its features, so expect the same of the PS5 within its first few years of being released. When that day comes, we will update this guide and let you know.

You never know, we might even get folders to help separate PS5 and PS4 games one of these days.

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