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Prometheus 2 Will Be Ridley Scott’s Next Movie

I can’t think of many movies more polarising over the last few years than Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, except for perhaps Interstellar or It Follows. Love it or loathe it, there were a few decent ingredients in the film which were applaudable, but it still fell slightly short of the heights it really should have hit.

The set-pieces were fantastic and the performances were excellent, particularly from Michael Fassbender. However, the plotholes were so numerous that it’s what stopped the sci-fi thriller from being a great movie and not just a good one with deep flaws.

With Ridley Scott’s low-key confirmation that Prometheus 2 will be his next movie, the weak points could be improved on and enrich the Alien prequel’s murky, half-formed plot. Not to mention answering some of the questions posed by the original’s sequel-baiting ending.

Speaking to Empire to promote The Martian, Scott said: “I was already on to my next movie! I was starting to look for locations for my next movie, which is ‘Prometheus 2.’”

According to reports, Prometheus 2 will be coming sometime in 2017 with Neil Blomkamp’s vision of Alien chest-busting into life the following year.


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