‘Prometheus 2’ Will Officially Be Called ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’

Alien Paradise Lost

As a director who has been around almost as long as they have been putting subliminal messages in Disney films, Ridley Scott has a lot of creative control with his projects. So much so that he’s able to confirm some news about one of his series’ and then abruptly change his mind the next. Oh, Rids.

After saying that he wanted to make a further three Prometheus films, it looked like the wheels were in motion for a return to the love it or hate it prequel world. However, in a very off-hand comment in an interview with HeyUGuys, Scott looks like he’s thrown a question mark sized spanner into the works of the whole series.

So, there you have it. Prometheus 2 will now be called Alien: Paradise Lost. Despite all of the interviews he’s had lately denying how closely it will be tied to the Alien series, Scott’s surprise reveal makes it seem like it’s been passed to the side a little. Will Noomi Rapace ever get to that damn planet at this rate?

Considering how Neil Blomkamp is already slated to direct a new Alien film after the monstrous success of initial concept art spreading across social media, it will be very interesting to see how the two intertwine, or if they do at all. A good guess would be that Scott’s continuation of the Prometheus lore in Paradise Lost will inevitably end up connecting some of the missing dots whereas Blomkamp’s vision will continue the Ripley story that’s been dormant since Alien: Resurrection.

As for the title, it’s a heavy-handed reference to John Milton’s Paradise Lost which chronicles the Fall of Man and Adam & Eve. In truth, it doesn’t really suit the IP at all – it will be interesting to see some of the reactions from long-time Alien fans, and also how they perceive Prometheus‘ “rebranding”.

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