Project Winter Coming To Xbox And Game Pass Later This Month

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Project Winter

It would appear that Xbox and Game Pass as a whole is about the become the home of social deception games, as alongside Among Us being a part of Game Pass for PC and coming to Xbox, Other Ocean Interactive have announced that Project Winter is coming to Xbox, Windows 10 Store and Game Pass on January 26th. Check out the announcement trailer at the top of the page.


What Is Project Winter?

Originally released for Steam back in 2019, Project Winter is a social deception game where 8 players find themselves stranded on an icy tundra, and they must work together in order to escape. Unfortunately, players not only have to contend with the elements and wildlife that’ll tear your throat out in no time at all, but also two players who are tasked with sabotaging the group’s efforts and escaping undetected.


That Sounds Like Among Us, So What’s Different?

Perhaps the biggest difference is the fact that proximity chat is on by default, meaning players have to work together in order to not be picked off by the traitors or an angry grizzly bear. You’re also given a number of tools to gather resources and craft better equipment, including weapons with which to protect yourself from the traitors.

The upcoming console release will include all the same benefits of the PC release, such as text chat, proximity chat, emotes and so on. The launch will also bring cross-play for the Xbox and PC versions of the game, meaning there should be no shortage of people to play with/betray and leave dead in a cave somewhere. If you’re a big Among Us player looking for something that’s a bit more intensive, give Project Winter a look.

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