Will Pokémon GO ever see a Windows Phone release?

Pokemon Go

In mere weeks since the launch of the app, Pokémon GO for iOS and Android has already dragged up a cult-like following of millions of die-hard trainers worldwide destined to ‘Catch ‘em all!’; from new first time fans, to hordes of Pokémon lovers still dormant from the noughties and days of the Game Boy Color. But Chris, you might ask, where is the mention of Windows Phone users?

That’s the problem, there aren’t any. In fact no-one is truly certain if there will be any trainers on Windows Phone, at least for the foreseeable future. This, of course, comes to no surprise to any long time user of Windows Mobile due to the gaping app gap, but this might not be an issue for long.

It’s still discouraging however to see that the app has already became the most popular downloaded app of all time, despite no Windows Phone support. This may not be for long, as recently a petition on Change.org to urge the developers, Niantic, Inc., to bring the app to Windows 10 Mobile has reached 100,000 signatures. Although this number is nothing compared to the millions of Android device and iPhone users, it’s certainly enough to draw their attention – even after accounting for fake signatures and spam.

This, along with Microsoft’s’ promise to attempt a deal with Niantic to get the app ported means that surely, an app must be in the works. We just all need to hope it’s soon before the hype train crashes and WP users are left onboard, again. In the meanwhile, you can download a rather poor, but promising, third party app by following these tedious instructions here. Note: you’ll need a PC to complete the process.

Sign the petition and help gather more attention to the issue.

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