Pokémon Go February 2020 Events: Valentine’s Day, Research, Raids & More

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February is the month of love, and Niantic are celebrating this fact with a whole bunch of events across Pokémon Go. With a new Rocket Pokémon, Research Breakthrough, T5 Raid Boss and special events, there is plenty to keep you occupied this month.


Team Go Rocket Special Research – Raikou

Following on from the new monthly pattern of battling Giovanni and his Shadow Pokémon via Special Research, February sees the introduction of a new foe. In the past three months, Giovanni has had Shadow Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos which you have had the chance to battle and catch upon completing Special Research.

The Pokémon you will face this month is Raikou, one of the three Legendary Dogs, with the other two presumably following in the coming months. You have until the end of February to complete the Research related to Giovanni to be able to catch Raikou, which includes battling Rocket Grunts at Pokéstops and purifying their Pokémon. You’re better off starting this sooner rather than later, as it can take a couple of weeks to complete.


Research Breakthrough – Woobat

If you complete a task from spinning a Pokéstop everyday, at the end of the week you will be able to encounter a Research Breakthrough. As well as giving you some items, you will have the chance to capture a special Pokémon, and the chosen one for this month is Woobat. It is a joint Flying/Psychic type, and presumably chosen because it has a love heart on the end of its nose. You are able to encounter Woobat until March 1st 1pm PST, or 9pm GMT. While it is yet to be seen if Woobat has any use in terms of PvP or PvE, it is a newly released Pokémon so it’s worth catching at least one of to fill the gap in your Pokédex.


T5 Raid Boss – Tornadus

Heatran has had its time at a T5 boss, and we now more forward to Tornadus. The only pure Flying type Pokémon in the game, Tornadus is one of the Forces of Nature, along with Thundurus and Landorus. While not so impressive stats wise, it has a varied Move Pool, including Dark Pulse (Dark), Grass Knot (Grass), Hurricane (Flying) and Hyper Beam (Normal).

Your best bets in terms of counters are Electric, Ice and Rock types, so look to Raikou, Mamoswine, Rampardos and Electivire as some good examples. Remember, Grass Knot will do Super Effective damage to Rock types, so be careful on filling your team with them before you know the moveset.


Valentine’s Day Event – Pink Pokémon

To celebrate Valentine’s Day specifically, from February 14th 8am until February 17th 10pm (local time), pink Pokémon will be more frequent in the Wild, Raids, Eggs and Research. The new Pokémon Alomomola will be released and available to catch from Valentine’s Day as well, and Shiny Happiny and Shiny Chansey will also be available to hatch from Eggs or catch in the Wild respectively.

Also over this weekend, every Pokémon you catch will give you double the amount of Candy, which you can put towards levelling it up, evolving it or giving it a second move. Lure modules, which can be dropped on stops to spawn Pokémon, will also last 6 hours instead of the usual half an hour, so it’s a good time to go out Pokéhunting.


Raid Day – Lickitung

On February 15th, from 2pm to 5pm local time, every single gym will feature a Lickitung based T4 Raid. This Lickitung will know Body Slam, which is a new move from this Pokémon, and will also have the chance to be shiny. All Raids will stay on for the full three hours, and you’ll be able to get five extra Raid Passes on that day instead of the usual one. Just make sure to spin a Gym or a Stop after every Raid, and you will keep picking them up until you’ve done five. Lickitung is a pure Normal type, so use Machamp, Conkeldurr or Lucario and you should have little problem taking it down in a group of 2-4 players.


Weekend Event – Friendship Special

Niantic wants you to celebrate the love you have for your friends too, and they are giving in-game friendships a boost for the weekend beginning February 21st at 8am, until February 24th at 10pm (local time). Over this weekend, the bonuses will include 2x Trade Candy, ½ Trade Stardust cost, Gift opening limit increased to 40, Gift carrying limit increased to 20, and your ingame Friendship levels increasing faster. This is the perfect time for you to level up with your friends and trade any Legendaries, new Pokédex entries or Lucky Friends you might have in the pipeline.

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