Pokemon Go Can Be Pokemon Gone With New Plugin

Pokemon Go
Image Source: forbes.com

You wake up. People are tweeting about Pokemon Go. You have breakfast. Your friend posts a ‘hilarious’ video of him capturing a Sandshrew on Pokemon Go. You walk to work, past actual adults playing Pokemon Go.

‘This has to stop,’ you whisper. ‘I don’t know how much more of this I can take.’

Well, put down that knife and step away from your Pokemon obsessed flat mate, because there’s now a way to banish Pokemon Go from your life. Possibly created by an as yet un-canonised saint, a new free chrome extension has been released which blocks all mention of Pokemon Go from your internet life.

PokeGone will quietly stop any reference to Pokemon Go polluting your Chrome browser, sparing your eyes from any more Poke-related horrors.

You’ll still have to walk the long way to work, though, to avoid the blowhards trying to capture that Gyarados at the Stop lights. Assholes.

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