Who are you?
A high school student who loves writing stories and poems.

Some Days

Some days I would hear footsteps closer to me,
And when I woke up I saw that human again, controlling me.
Some days another human was next to the other, controlling my only brother.
My brother and I were connected to this box behind us.
The grayish color of the box looked appealing.
It had words on it, but I couldn’t read it.
I don’t have eyes.
The humans stared intensely at something behind me.
Their eyes glued to the one screened machine.
Some days the humans would talk to each other.
About their personal lives, and crack jokes.
Their jokes were funny.
Some days they would talk about stuff I couldn’t understand.
Things called “lives,” and “Press A.”
And the human’s emotions would always grow an angry frown,
When a melodious tune would play behind me.
Some days they would get so mad, they would chuck me at the screen.
It hurts every time they do it, but after they would feel regret for almost killing me.
Still, I feel no emotion.
Those days were long gone now.
My brother and I were in the dark for who knows how long.
That gray box still next to us.
We are scared, but something changed when we saw light.
This human was different.
It was smaller, but looked similar to the other.
“What’s this?” It spoke.
A tall human comes into view and looks down.
It was the one from before, but older and more mature.
He smiled at us.
He felt nostalgic about those days.

Voices in My Head

These voices in my head.
I can’t seem to ignore.
They seem to not notice my presence.
But I am intrigued.
What are they talking about?

Some talk about their lives,
Others complain about the next test.
Some are telling secrets.
Secrets meant for them.
I don’t care about their secrets.
I care about their stories.

Some talk about vacations,
Others about crushes,
Some are even arguing over a slice of Pizza.
I might have pizza for dinner.
Why is this fun hearing the voices in my head?

Into the Void

Welcome to my home.
It might seem like a dark, endless void,
But it’s all right. I don’t mind.
You seem worried.
Don’t worry I’m fine.
I’ve grown used to the darkness.
Is it scary?
Sometimes, but not all the time.
The void will accept me someday.
Is it lonely?
Are you sure?
Yes. The void is home to me now.
Do you want anything?
I don’t need anything else to be happy.


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