Poem of the Week: ‘From Atmosphere to Hydrosphere’ by Sarah Ang

After a longer absence than usual, we are delighted to announce that Poem of the Week is back! The extended break means that we’ve been able to collate plenty of brilliant entries, making the contest even more notoriously difficult to call than ever before.

Here are our picks for the podium positions this week. Want to get involved before next week’s competition? Email info@culturedvultures.com or visit here.

3rd Place
‘Epiphanic Bliss’ by Scott Thomas Outlar

Randomly throughout the day
the images splash from seemingly out of nowhere,
flooding her wandering mind
with tiny shots of electric lightning
from the source
that explosively fire neurons,
triggering the Revelation Fever
to come over her consciousness
with higher forms of dancing truths…
…buzzing in the indefinable spaces
of unrealized perception
until the wellspring rises
to smash through boundary limitations,
push envelopes to the point of tearing,
and careen the mind across canyons
that once seemed too far for traversing.

The distance becomes shorter
with each flash point epiphany
which streaks like a star
across the infinite sky of her mind’s eye,
opening possibilities
without horizon
by ripping the lid
off Pandora’s box.

The tidal wave of enlightenment
shutters through adrenals,
shocking the nervous system,
spiking the Kundalini,
and popping open the pineal gland
into fifth dimensional awareness
where it tunes in with the wavelength
of The Word made manfiest,
causing genesis vibrations
to bring the frequency of chaos
back in rhythm
with perfectly ordered alignment.

Smooth sailing in dreams
for the Goddess
as shamanic visions
carry her along the primordial river,
back past the Garden of Eden,
beyond all Good and Evil,
to the original place of creation
where the organic expansiveness
of the Big Bang
becomes momentarily implosive
with a deep meditative inhalation,
only to once more burst forth
from out the entropic compression
into the vastness of new beginnings.

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