PlayStation Network Promises a More Secure Future?

PlayStation 4
Image source: Kotaku

Evidence in the form of images have recently appeared online to suggest Sony is stepping up their game against hackers. Polygon was able to get confirmation that the PlayStation Network will be receiving a major security overhaul that utilises a two-factor authentication system.

Five years ago, Sony suffered at the hands of hackers as the PlayStation Network was down for months as well as everyone’s personal details getting passed around leaving gamers extremely angry and frustrated. Yes, the update maybe a little bit late, a couple of years, but it’s a welcome addition.

The two-factor authentication is already a stern method of eliminating a hacker getting access to your vital information. It works in a way that you still use a PSN username/password to login into the PSN Store. Upon login, you will receive a randomly generated code texted to your phone via the PlayStation App. I assume that when making a purchase on the store that the software will also work in a similar way.

So unless someone had access to your phone then no one can even think of trying to get into your account. It’s a pretty neat idea that is already in use with Blizzard’s PC client, EA’s Origin client and also the Star Wars Old Republic online MMO.

Sony is yet to confirm a date in which the new method is to be integrated with consoles, but the firmware on consoles is already primed for when they decide. Another thing that remains to be seen is if hackers will be able to hack it. I know I’m terrible.

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