Playlist of the Week: Ragna-ROCK

I think we can all pretty much agree – Thor: Ragnarok looks fucking sick. The trailer promises an amusing, bombastic epic which eschews the safe haven of an Earthly setting in favour of cataclysmic destruction, Jeff Goldblum and Planet Hulk. Marvel clearly took a few cues from Guardians of the Galaxy, especially in terms of the music.

Led Zepplin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ – an iconic sendup to Norse mythology in and of itself – was the perfect choice for the intoxicating first glimpse of Thor’s third cinematic go-around. It’s also the crown jewel in a wonderful legacy of Norse-influenced rock music, so this week we’ve decided to give it some much deserved focus.

From Zep themselves all the way to more current practitioners, both in and out of the emergent ‘Viking metal’ genre, the antics of Odin and his pantheon have become synonymous with a certain kind of heavy, dramatic rock. It’s a long wait until Thor: Ragnarok drops in November, so in the mean time we hope that this playlist will go some way towards scratching the itch. Perhaps you could put it on while brawling with a friend from work.

As an added bonus, here’s the trailer again, because we love it and we know you do too.

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