Playlist of the Week: Anti-Grey Valentine’s Day

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find all the songs from this Fifty Shades of Grey franchise as sexy as a platypus floating on a river. In other words, not sexy at all. So to celebrate the release of Fifty Shades Darker this Valentine’s Day, I decided to compile a list of what I think would be the best songs to get you in the mood with that special person, instead of blandness this soundtrack has to offer. Or, you could go see this abomination of a film like I know you will anyway, you freaks.

This Playlist is roundabout the same length as the soundtrack album, and it’s split into two halves – the first 8 tracks are side 1, and the last 10 are side 2. The first half are all slow jams, while the second is comprised faster paced fare for when things get… intense. Choose one or the other, or both, whatever suits.

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