Play or Nay: The Quiet Man – What Is This Game?

The Quiet Man

If you were ever wondering what happened to The Quiet Man after it was announced at E3 2018, well, here it is: one of the best worst games you are ever likely to play. And you really ought to play it because it is beyond any logic.

I had low hopes for the game after I realised that no outlets or content creators were given codes for the game prior to release. Within about ten minutes, I figured out why. It’s an absolutely bananas video game when it decides it’s going to be a video game for five minutes before then transforming into a really bad and experimental Starz show.

I played through and completed the game in about three hours, and after being stuck in a stupor over what I had just witnessed, I decided to create a video on it. I had initially planned to script it, but just ended up easily finding ten minutes to discuss the game off-hand.

The Quiet Man is something that you truly have to see or play to believe — my coverage really doesn’t do it justice.

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