Is Party Animals Coming To Nintendo Switch?

When is the party starting?

Party Animals
Party Animals

The Nintendo Switch has become the de facto console for party gaming, with its portability and simple controller design allowing players to take the party wherever they go. Sure, a four player Super Smash Bros. Ultimate set might be a bit disruptive on public transport, but it’s possible nonetheless.

Because of the Nintendo Switch’s reputation, games like Gang Beasts have become hugely successful on the Switch, which leads to the question of whether fellow physics-based brawler Party Animals will also be releasing onto the Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. If you’re hoping this new physics party game will be portable at all, here’s everything you need to know about if Party Animals will make its way to the Nintendo Switch.


Party Animals on Nintendo Switch

As of the time of writing, Party Animals from Recreate Games and Source Technology has only been confirmed for PC via Steam, along with Xbox One and Xbox Series X & S. It’s even coming to Xbox Game Pass, but that means that Party Animals has not been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to batter your friends with weapons while playing as cute little animals, you’ll have to pick the game up on PC or use Xbox Game Pass.

Even though Party Animals hasn’t been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch yet though, it doesn’t mean that Recreate Games won’t be bringing the action to the portable platform at some point in the future. Indie games that have released on Xbox first, especially when they’re part of Xbox Game Pass, tend to launch on other platforms around six months to a year after the initial launch, so it’s likely that Party Animals will be ported to the Nintendo Switch in the future.


About Party Animals

Party Animals is a multiplayer physics-brawler where players fight to the death in various arenas, similar to gameplay of Gang Beasts. Where Party Animals has its unique selling points are due to both its cute character designs, with plenty of animals to choose from, and the fact players can use a variety of weapons to establish dominance across plenty of daft stages. Party Animals looks set to be a huge hit on PC and Xbox for friends looking for a new game to play come September 20th. Hopefully, the Nintendo Switch will also receive a party invite in the mail soon too.

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