Pac-Man 99 Is The Latest Nintendo Battle Royale, Out Today

Tetris 99 really started a trend unto itself.

Pac-Man 99
Pac-Man 99

Nintendo have announced that they’re not done with the battle royale trend that was started with Tetris 99 and continued with Super Mario Bros. 35 (before Mario was executed last week), as Pac-Man 99 is available right now for the Switch, and is exclusive to Switch Online subscribers. Check out the trailer for yourself below.


What’s Pac-Man 99 All About?

Operating in a similar way to Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99 sees 99 players try to complete their own game of Pac-Man, with the twist that eating ghosts will send them out into other player’s games. You can even eat sleeping ghost, which can form ghost trains that’ll let you consume dozens of ghosts in one pellet, overwhelming your foes.

While the base game is free to those who subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service, there is some paid DLC for people who want it. There’s a CPU mode and a time attack mode, which will cost $15, while there’s around 20 skins based on classic games like Galaga that cost $2 each. If it all sounds good to you, there’s a bundle pack for $30.

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