Overwatch’s New Horizon Lunar Colony Map Is A Trip to the Moon

Horizon Lunar Colony

You know, I was only just recently thinking that I would like to travel to a colony on a moon where super-smart gorillas are brought up. Blizzard, after perfecting their mind-reading prowess, have delivered with a new map for Overwatch.

Horizon Lunar Colony is an assault map that is available on the game’s PTR right now. It was teased earlier in the week and then suddenly dropped – no painful ARGs to sit through this time.

Unfortunately, the map won’t allow you to relive Moonraker, but there is one area that has no gravity. That’s kinda neat. Can just imagine Reaper blissfully floating and finding inner peace.

As is the case with pretty much every Overwatch map, Horizon Lunar Colony tells a story. This time out, we’ll find out more about Winston’s background and childhood before the subjects rebelled and left the colony dormant. Expect to hear some interesting voice lines from him, too.

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