No Man’s Sky Buggies Could Be on the Way, According to Files

NMS buggy

After releasing a much needed and arguably much too late update that introduces many new ways to play the game, No Man’s Sky‘s new look could be getting much more enticing if these file leaks are anything to go by. We could soon be seeing land-based vehicles to help you traverse Harambe420 with ease.

The details have come to light thanks to Redditor eegandj, who noticed the notes for a buggy in the game’s files.

Using what he could find, he replicated the buggy, though it cannot be driven as of yet. Considering how long it took for the Foundation update to come to fruition, don’t be surprised if Hello Games don’t just patch buggy functionality in a few months down the line. You can download the files here.

The Foundation update is all about base-building, so maybe this buggy will making getting resources to get more resources easier for everyone involved. No Man’s Sky is one of the most polarising games of 2016 and considering how much is still to be added after launch, perhaps it was released a bit too early. Imagine what it will look like this time next year?

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