Nintendo Reveal Ganondorf’s Surname On Zelda Website

Unfortunately it is not Ganondorf Hamanddwarf.


Just like Link, Ganondorf is a character in the Zelda canon who doesn’t need a surname. When you have a name like that, how do you follow it up with something equally as cool? Ganon the Cannon? Ganondorf Jones? It just doesn’t work.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to make the name up – that falls squarely to Nintendo. For the first time since 1992 when it was revealed in the A Link To The Past manual and not mentioned again in a quarter of a century, Nintendo have posted some more information about Ganondorf on the official Zelda website, including his surname.

He is Ganondorf Dragmire.

Yep, that’s evil as shit.



As one mystery in the Legend of Zelda is solved, another comes to our attention: what is Link’s surname? I personally think it should be Wind Waker Is The Best Zelda Game, but what do you think? Drop suggestions below and let’s hear them.

This little game called Breath of the Wild is out right now. We kinda liked it:

“While you may find yourself intimidated by the scope and size of Breath of the Wild, persevere and you will find yourself playing perhaps one of the finest games you’ve ever laid your hands on. This game is truly something special and will be long remembered as the classic game it is destined to become.”

Source Eurogamer


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