Nintendo Are Suing More Switch Hack Resellers

The long ARMS of the law(suit).

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Yesterday, Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit in Seattle against an Amazon seller, Le Hoang Minh, who apparently overrode Nintendo’s copyright measures by selling the RCM Loader on Amazon, which can be used to essentially jailbreak the Nintendo Switch.


What The Does The Lawsuit Claim?

The court documents for the lawsuit, which were obtained by Polygon, are part of Nintendo’s ongoing fight against what they refer to as a “serious, worsening international problem” regarding video game piracy. The lawsuit mentions how the RCM Loader, a USB device that allows players to play unauthorised games, bypasses the Switch’s security systems. Nintendo already issues a DMCA takedown to Minh, who then issued a counterclaim, which meant Amazon was required to relist the Loader unless Nintendo sued.


Another Nintendo Lawsuit?

Yeah, Nintendo have been prolific when it comes to shutting down activities related in any to piracy, even if it’s in the name of digital preservation. However, this lawsuit is more in line with similar lawsuits Nintendo have filed against sellers who utilise Team Xecutor software, a hacking group that have seen two members arrested and charged with 11 felony counts.

Xecutor themselves are somewhat notorious in the hacking community for effectively profiting from open source efforts, and it’s mentioned in the most recent lawsuit that the seller has sold some of Xecutor’s software in the past alongside the Loader. Nintendo are seeking $2,500 in damages per infringement.

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