Next Batch of Frontline Wrestling Names Announced

Frontline Wrestling

Following up on our coverage on Frontline Wrestling’s first live event – ‘Build me an Empire’ – another ten names have since been added to the already stacked roster.

Already announced for the show are the likes of Travis Banks, Aussie Open and Flash Morgan Webster, those attending Stratford Circus on June 28th will also be treated to appearances from:

– Mark Haskins
– El Phantasmo
– Bea Priestley
– CCK’s Chris Brookes
– Rob Lynch
– Toni Storm
– Wild Boar
– Adam Brookes
– M&M (no, not that MNM)

Wow! Ospreay is serious about pulling out all the stops for their debut show in London. If this is anything to go by then this promotion is not one that you want to sleep on.

Tickets are available here.

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