New Tenet Trailer is Mind-Boggling Stuff

It's not about time travel, we know that much.


Warner Brothers just released the new trailer for Tenet on YouTube after the trailer made its Fortnite premiere, at the same time making it abundantly clear that this film will not premiere anywhere else but in the cinemas, the way it was meant to be watched. For months there has been speculation on what time-bending concept is prevalent in Tenet, since we all know the physics of time is something Nolan likes to explore quite a fair bit in his films. It’s not time travel, we are told, but inversion. Um, what?

Like I speculated in a previous post, it would seem that the characters played by John David Washington and Robert Pattinson are agents who have the use of a technology that allows you to see future events before it actually happens. Then the event resets and plays out, which is why we have all these reversing effects in the film, with the two having to stop said event from happening. This is based on what I can discern from the trailer, but all this guesswork will remain as such until we can see the film, which is still on track for its July 17 release.

It’s hard to tell if cinemas will be open by then, but if they are, a tentpole movie like Tenet is a sure way to bring audiences back in, rescuing what remains of the summer movie season.

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