New Tenet Trailer Will Premiere on Fortnite

In a drought of movie trailers, Christopher Nolan keeps us hydrated and hyped.

For all you Christopher Nolan fans, the new Tenet trailer will make its premiere on Fortnite. It will be screened at the new outdoor theater on Fortnite’s new party royale island. Given that there are no cinemas and tentpole movies for Nolan to use as a platform for this second trailer, this is actually a genius collaborative idea. This is the second trailer that has been released for Tenet, with the first trailer accumulating up to twenty million views since it came out on YouTube five months ago.

In the lead-up to this trailer release, the movie had a few TV spots teasing details of the film as well as the trailer. In one of the TV spots, we see main character, played by John David Washington, un-shooting a bullet. He is told that he isn’t shooting the bullet, but rather, catching it. There is definitely some time trickery at play, however, Robert Pattinson, who also stars in the film, has mentioned that it doesn’t have anything to do with time travel, despite us seeing time rewinding in the trailer and TV spots.

On an Instagram post, a user commented that it might have something to do with this statement from Stephen Hawking. Hawking, in one of his lectures titled ‘Does God Play Dice’, said that: “The idea that the state of the Universe at one time determines the state at all other times, has been a central tenet of Science.” According to this tenet, technically, the future can be predicted.

So is this what Tenet is about? Seeing the chain of the butterfly effect and thus being able to affect the outcome? Currently, the film is still on track for a July 17, 2020 release, and hopefully all the answers to all our burning questions will be revealed by then.

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