New Tag Team Champions Crowned On SmackDown Live

Are we destined to see eco friendly tag titles?

DB & Rowan
Credit: WWE

Vince McMahon’s latest attempt to regain some ratings culminated with the crowning of new tag team champions on SmackDown Live – Daniel Bryan and Rowan.

After having to be vacated by The Hardy Boyz, the SD tag titles were left to Shane McMahon. Originally, he was happy to simply pass them onto the returning duo of Bryan and Rowan, but after being interrupted by The Usos, who were exploiting Vince’s new wild card fad, it quickly became a tag team match (holla holla).

In what was quite a fun contest, Rowan picked up the win with the Iron Claw and secured his and Bryan’s second respective tag team titles.

A big return for the Planet’s champions, who are seemingly stepping away from Kofi Kingston and the WWE title picture and now taking the tag division by storm.

What are your thoughts on the new tag champions? Were you hoping for any other teams to be involved? Let us know in the comments below.

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