New Nintendo Labo Goes VR

No chance to go gliding in Breath of the Wild in virtual reality with the Labo just yet, though.

When we envisaged the day Nintendo would finally reattempt virtual reality, DIY cardboard goggles weren’t exactly what we had in mind.

But that was the reality we got when Nintendo announced their fourth and latest Labo, the Toy-Con 04: VR Kit. This new addition to the build-your-own-devices will combine the ever-growing technologies of virtual reality with inexpensive cardboard folding, adding a whole new array of games (and possibilities) for the Switch system.

With release set for April 12, Nintendo’s Labo: VR Kit will come in two packs: the Starter Set containing only the VR Goggles and the ‘Toy-Con’ Blaster ($40), or the full kit which includes all six available Toy-Cons ($80). These sweet add-ons are not limited to simple blasters, instead allowing you to experience VR with a Toy-Con Camera, Bird, Wind Pedal and Elephant (I’m not making this stuff up).

Labo VR 1

Labo VR 1

Labo VR 1

Labo VR 1

If the Starter Set is purchased, Expansion Sets including two of the six Toy-Cons will also be available for an additional $20.

Aside from seeing how an elephant can allow us to see VR through a new lens, it sure is interesting to consider how Nintendo could influence this new and promising technology through the capabilities of the Switch.

Unfortunately, as a hand-held system appearing to have no head strap, Nintendo once again loses points on the ‘ergonomically-friendly’ aspect of its virtual reality devices (thank you, Virtual Boy, for a neck that will never be the same). But who knows–perhaps this new, affordable and innovatively playful version of VR will be worth the sore arms?

Just don’t buy this with the sole hope of experiencing Breath of the Wild in VR. Nintendo Labo isn’t quite ready for that. Yet.

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