5 New Free Games of February 2021 To Check Out

OnlyCans is clearly the best.

Apex Legends Bloodhound

While there are plenty of huge AAA games out this year and February looks like taking things up a notch from January, there’s something to be said for not spending a dime on a game instead and still playing an absolute gem. The new free games of February 2021 offer some of the most diverse experiences in gaming, as well as a couple of ports to the Switch, the absolute port wonder that it is.

Whether as a perk for signing up for a subscription or just outright free, here are the new games coming out in February you should play that won’t cost you a penny.


1. Destruction AllStars | February 2nd, 2021

Destruction AllStars
Destruction AllStars

Developer: Lucid Games, Wushu Studios Ltd
Publisher: SIE
Platform: PS5

One of the biggest new games of the month is also free. Well, “free” if you are paying money for PlayStation Plus, so not “free” in the truest sense of the word. Still, it’s not a bad sweetener for having to pay to play multiplayer games online on PlayStation, even though most of the biggest multiplayer games are free-to-play these days.

As for the game itself, from everything we’ve seen, Destruction AllStars will at least be a fun weekend game, something that you play to absolute death over the course of a weekend and then simply not touch ever again. It’s basically Twisted Metal for the Fortnite crowd and looks like an absolute tonne of dumb fun.

We could be wrong and Destruction AllStars could go on to become the best multiplayer game of the year, but hey: there’s nothing with playing multiplayer games that aren’t like having a second job. Looking at you, every live service title ever.


2. Apex Legends | February 2nd, 2021

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Developer: Respawn
Publisher: EA
Platform: Switch

The Switch isn’t exactly a natural home for competitive battle royale games or even FPS games, though it’s always nice to see the variety. Apex Legends, the smash hit of 2019 (which feels like a decade ago), is finally making its way to the Switch this February.

The port will arrive to coincide with Season 8, which will see players returning to a destroyed King’s Canyon and have the chance to play around with a new Legend, Fuse.

Just in case you’ve never played Apex, which you kind of have if you’ve played Fortnite as Epic just yoinked all its best ideas, it’s a trio-focused battle royale where characters have unique abilities with a story set in the Titanfall universe. Time to drop in?


3. Skyforge | February 4th, 2021


Developer: Allods Team
Publisher: MY.GAMES
Platform: Switch

Another multiplayer game making its way to Switch in February, Skyforge is an altogether different kind of life-consumer. A free-to-play MMORPG developed by Allods Team, reception to the game on Steam has been fairly mixed since launch in 2017.

Those who do love Skyforge, though, seem to enjoy its wacky blend of MMO, MOBA and RPG alongside its deep character creation and simple setup. You’re an immortal who can switch between eighteen (feels a tad daft, that) different classes and must defend the world of Aelion from many assailants.

One pretty big warning on this one, though: apparently everything after you complete the main meat of the story wanders into pay-to-win territory, so maybe but the Joy-Cons down when you feel yourself looking at Booster Packs.


4. Monolisk | February 4th, 2021


Developer: Trickster Arts
Publisher: Trickster Arts
Platform: PC

Enjoy Diablo and other dungeon crawlers but just don’t feel like they have quite enough dungeons to batter your way through? Enter Monolisk, which promises you the ability to raid “a gazillion handcrafted dungeons”. A gazillion, by the way, is quite a lot.

Originally released on mobile, Monolisk has a lot more depth than most hack and slash RPGs on iOS and Android, so much so that it’s even won awards. On top of the usual action, players can customise their characters and even build card decks. It will even have cross-play between PC and mobile.

As for the monetisation side of things, players can buy card packs and will have to grind things out a lot, but if you’re just looking for something simple to click away at in the middle of work, Monolisk could just be a simple hack and slash if nothing else.


5. OnlyCans: Thirst Date | February 12th, 2021


Developer: OnlyCans Team
Publisher: OnlyCans Team
Platform: PC

Sorry for wasting your time with everything else: this is the definitive free game of February 2021.

OnlyCans: Thirst Date is a soda simulator from the carbonated mind of Sean Oxspring that sees you lusting over cans, but these ones aren’t attached to people like most “special” games on Steam. These are the ones made out of aluminium.

Use your mouse to highlight over twenty different cans, each with their different personalities, likes and dislikes. Basically the world’s weirdest rhythm game, the end goal is to get the cans a little excited and then fizz all over the place.

Video games. What a concept.

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