New Band of the Month: Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts

Take a dash of La Dispute, add a spritz of Blink 182, throw it in a blender along with a crate of Budweisers and what do you get? The Minnesotan earworms known as Tiny Moving Parts who are fully deserving of New Band of the Month status.

There have been been plenty of great family bands over the years (and also Kings of Leon) with this jolly rabble eagerly adding to that list with their boundless enthusiasm to get up on stage and almost destroy it. Consisting of brothers Matthew and Billy Chevalier (incidentally the coolest surname ever) and their cousin Dylan Matthieson, there’s a lot to like about the raw energy to be found on TMP’s second superb album, Pleasant Living. The boys aren’t content to just sit on their laurels as the new release comes hot on the heels of 2013’s equally captivating This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship, the plucky bunch.

If you’re in any doubt of the guys’ musicianship, simply take a listen to the opening riff on ‘Always Focused’ – its complexity will make your head spin. I caught up with Dylan to ask him one or two too many things about being a part of something tiny.

Tiny Moving Parts

1. Hello there, how are you?

We’re doing great! Just finished up band practice. We were rehearsing Bruce Springsteen songs for our cover set at Fest.

2. For the uninitiated, tell us what it is about tiny parts that are so moving?

Hahaha we love what we do! We motivate each other and enjoy staying busy as possible with the band.

3. Where did the band start off?

Good ol’ Benson, MN! We still live here with our parents. It’s a small town of 3,000 people, and not much to do here. We started playing music together 11 years ago, but Tiny Moving Parts started around 5 years ago.

4. You seem like you guys have a lot of fun on-stage. Do you have any pre-gig routines to amp you up?

Nothing spectacular! We have a few beers and make sure everyone’s in a good mood. Thankfully we love touring so much, so we’re always laughing and have a great time!

5. How have you found the reception to Pleasant Living so far? Has it been aptly pleasant?

The reaction has been awesome! It’s been very pleasant!

6. How are you hoping to see out the rest of 2014? Round off in style?

We just want to continue being on fun tours with awesome bands! Meet new friends and party with everyone.

7. Why should we pick up a copy of the new album?

When we wrote the album, we made sure it would be interesting the whole way through! It’s a collision of technical instrumentation, yet catchy/melodic vocals. We are very proud of it!

8. And finally, what would you name your pet vulture?

Dan Martin!

Feature image by, really yellow dog is property of Talia Miller

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