My Friend Pedro’s GIF Feature Is Brilliant

RIP the pagespeed on this one.

My Friend pedro

My Friend Pedro is a game all about style and killing as coolly as you can. Sure, being best mates with a banana is a pretty decent attraction, but it’s the shooting of frying pans and 360 deathspins that will keep you coming back. It’s basically one long highlight reel in game form.

It seems to knows this with the addition of a neat little feature that records GIFs in the background as you play (at least on PC) thanks to a partnership with Nvidia. While sometimes it’s a little off and captures the not really that great moments (it also never seems to catch me doing backflips off of bad guys, but whatever), My Friend Pedro conjures up a tonne of great GIFs for you to show to your Twitter pals how much better you are than them.

Here are just a few from my time with My Friend Pedro. Apologies if the page loaded kind of slow, GIFs tend to cripple the old maiden that is our site.

Just hanging out and exchanging bullets with friends:


Diving into deep conversations with buddies:


Remembering the glory days of THPS with a mate:


Getting a friend to spot me in gymnastics:


Enjoying a barrel of laughs with loved ones:


Helping some mates relax with a group nap:


And taking a whole mess of drugs with pals:


Have any cool My Friend Pedro GIFs? Share them with us @cultvultures.

From our My Friend Pedro review:

“Even though its latter sections left me slightly jaded, they haven’t stopped me from going back through the earlier levels and constantly trying to get higher and higher scores: Something that I can see myself picking up as a hobby. My Friend Pedro is built to be obsessed over by speedrunners and perfectionists, and I can’t to see what kind of lunacy players can pull off.”

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