My Friend Pedro’s Animated Launch Trailer Is *Sighs* Bananas

I need some new banana jokes.

My Friend Pedro

There aren’t enough banana puns. I feel like I’ve reused the same “it’s bananas” pun when talking about My Friend Pedro about a hundred times now, and apart from something about it kicking potassium, I cannot think of anything else mildly punworthy.

I won’t have to worry about that for too much longer, as My Friend Pedro is out tomorrow (June 20th) on PC and Nintendo Switch. To celebrate, publisher Devolver Digital has shared a pretty rad animated launch trailer.

No gameplay, but it gets the vibe of the game just right. It’s reminiscent of the launch trailer of another Devolver game, Enter the Gungeon. It also reminds me of that great Dead Cells trailer, and now I must go play that again.

It’s irreverent as heck and a little weird, but I feel like I must be the bearer of bad news and tell you that the banana does not talk like that in-game.

I am so sorry.

Will you be picking up Pedro tomorrow?

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