How Movies Are a Cognitive Escape From Reality

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Waking up, a day in the life; stress, anxiety, pain, sorrow, cause your heart to melt. The rain pours, a gush of wind sends shivers down your spine and so, you close the window. Your phone rings, it’s your usual best friend. The cinema is calling, already seems like a fresh start as you suddenly go from worse to exuberant.

How can your day get any better? It’s daunting knowing that you only wake up when your ear tingles hearing the name of a movie. Excited? I live for this but so do you, and I know that you know that reality will temporarily terminate but not to worry, because we can’t be degenerates. It’s funny how something short-term can pull us out of the ground, knowing that you have to live in the moment when the root cause was the most realistic cause that depicts reality which feels ceaseless.

Your friend picks you up and you’re now on your way. The conversation becomes intense; great minds think alike, while you dig at the previous and latest cinematic experiences that stimulate sensation, something that we all learn from. As you get closer, taking a peek at the time to hope it’s not too late because, there are some like us who care and feel gutted even 30 seconds in. You’re not far now; stepping out of the car, remaining composed, while at the same time your brain desires some action. The nearer you get; life appears better, hoping your perception can last forever in this inequitable world.

So as you sit and observe; phew, a relief from common life however, the sounds of rustling and slurping are rife and that is something that nobody likes. Why is there always a catch 22 when something is good? I guess that doesn’t matter because you’re living in the supreme moment, besides that, you can connect with the deeper meaning, while your heart pounds with the engine running, emotions divulge as you’re left on the edge of your seat waiting for the next climax.

How many times does your heart streak? Mine, a few times until the antagonist gets the better end of the stick. I can’t believe it, and as far in as you are, you still feel as if you’re part of the movie. Gawking is something we all do from time to time in the cinema, with so much to gain from this temporary time of an ideal situation where, just sitting in this chair seems like life can’t get any realer. I don’t want this type of reality to end, well, we don’t, and I know you can relate to such situations where stepping out of this comfort zone brings you into the unrealistic world. What a laugh, it’s so nourishing for the brain to find an escape that we wish was perpetual and, on the other hand, creates sexual arousal that can only be perceived by your inner faculty.

I guess we can all walk around hoping that everyone feels the same; full of emotions, ideas, superpowers, and not to mention, clairvoyance. Yes, that’s how crazy we movie fanatics get just to go beyond the norm of actuality. So don’t feel alienated, because we all love to find a scapegoat to bring our psychological senses on a roller coaster that makes us feel untroubled.