Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Coming To The Switch This August

Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom have announced that, following the incredible success of Monster Hunter World, they’ll be re-releasing the popular 3DS game Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo Switch as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and it’ll be released on August 28th.

This new release packages together everything players loved about the original game, but with a new Elder Dragon, new areas and monsters along with the introduction of G-Rank quests, which add a whole new tier of difficulty onto the game.

For MH players that were introduced via World, this release gives you a chance to see how the game was played beforehand. One of the key differences between World and Generations are the inclusion of styles and hunter arts. Hunter styles function somewhat as classes, and give you new abilities, whilst hunter arts are equippable special moves that can do massive damage to monsters.

Ultimate will also add two brand new styles that can change the dynamic of a team. Brave Style rewards you with new moves when landing successive attacks, incentivising you to get stuck in and do some damage. On the other hand, Alchemy Style will allow you to craft items in the heat of battle, making for a good support character.

Lastly, any current Monster Hunter Generations players who don’t quite feel like repeating all the work they’ve done don’t have to worry, as you can transfer your save file over to Ultimate when it launches this August.

What do you make of the news that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be coming to the Switch? Reckon it’s a bit cheeky for me to ask for a Switch for my 25th birthday? Sound off in the comments below.