Microsoft Announces FPS Boost For Select Xbox Backwards Compatible Games

Time to put the power of the Xbox Series X | S to work.

FPS Boost
FPS Boost

Microsoft have announced a new feature for the Xbox Series X | S that’s designed to enhance the experience of select Xbox One backwards compatible games on the new generation of hardware. It’s called FPS Boost, and it’s designed to improve the framerate performance of Xbox One titles when played on the Xbox Series X | S.


How Does FPS Boost Work?

FPS Boost will work similar to Auto HDR, in that enabled games will just have this feature on as standard, though an update is coming in the spring that will allow users to turn FPS Boost and Auto HDR on or off. FPS Boost will allow games that ran at 30fps on the Xbox One to run at 60fps, with one particular case for New Super Lucky’s Tale improving the game performance to 120fps. It’s great news for those who have the TV or monitor to support it.


Which Games Will Utilise FPS Boost?

At the moment, only five games will support FPS Boost, and they’re a bit of a middling selection in all honesty. These games are Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4 and Watch Dogs 2. The improvements to all five games are said to be transformative, and Microsoft have pledged that more games will be added to the FPS Boost program in the future, so hopefully we’ll see some bigger names adopting FPS Boost in the future.

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