Memories of Green: San Francisco #15

Memories of Green

[Front Page of CNN – Date 14/07/2089]

Los Angeles Diner Massacre Puts City On Alert

IN A MOVE that can only be described as shocking and nightmarish, the patrons of a Los Angeles cafe were slaughtered by a local Anti-Patriot cell, putting the city on high alert.

In the early hours of this morning, when patriots were getting their coffee and breakfast at Lou’s Diner before a hard days work, a series of fire bombs were set off in a nearby bowling alley, obviously planted the night before. Fire crews and civil protection were scrambled to control the blaze, drawing any attention from the unsuspecting diner.

The anti patriots made their move around 9.12am. Planted among the diners, they stepped up brandishing shotguns and concealed handguns and unloaded into the unsuspecting patrons. By the time civil protection were able to react, it was too late, Gary Foster of Los Angeles Civil Protection arrived at 9.24am, and reported there were no survivors. Several off duty C.P officers were among the fallen.

“It was like nothing I’d ever seen before.” He said, when questioned. “There were people stretched all over the tables like bloody ribbons. The place was unrecognisable, and the gunmen had fled by the time we’d arrived. It was obviously premeditated. They must have planned this all out.” Foster was obviously shaken by what he saw. “We used to go there a lot, the whole unit. Lou’s did the best pancakes in the city. Seeing it all like that, it makes you think.”

One Nation Under God

Hayden Wallace


Review – Cataclysm

CATACLYSM, the new film by acclaimed Patriot director George Jermaine is an absolute triumph of cinema, and possibly one of the best reasons to visit your local picture house in years.

Starring Frederick Lynch as a young Patriot solider, Cataclysm dramatises the events of April 22nd 2085. When a group of unpatriotic terrorists detonated chemical weapons in downtown Atlanta. Wiping out half of the metropolitan area.

Lynch’s portrayal of the heroic Private Harkness is provocative and heart breaking. Lynch conveys Harkness’s drive, determination and quick wit with aplomb, as he races to save loyal patriotic citizens from the deadly effects of what is now known as the “Atlanta Cloud”. There is certainly a pathos in his heroics however, as Harkness’s valiant sacrifice is common knowledge to all patriots. We, as an audience, are acutely aware throughout that we are witnessing Harkness’s final hours, and Jermaine subtly foreshadows this throughout the second half of the film.

Lynch’s tremendous performance, and Germaine’s directorial flair prevent Cataclysm from slipping into the realms of tragedy however. Harkness’s efforts to pull more and more citizens into rescue dropships, even as his flesh flakes from his body, are depicted with the respect and air of heroism they deserve. In the tearjerking final act, when Harkness finally succumbs to the cloud, almost unrecognisable from how he appeared at the beginning of the film, it is not depression that sweeps the audience, but relief. Relief that there are such people as Harkness who walk among us, people willing to put throw down their lives for the greater good, for the good of patriotism, for the good of one nation under god.

An uplifting patriotic tour de force – 9.5/10

One Nation Under God

Justin Altanno

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