Mel Gibson Being Lined Up to Direct Suicide Squad 2


It seems as if Mel Gibson has one more punishment to withstand on his long and arduous road to redemption.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the Hacksaw Ridge director is being lined up to take on Suicide Squad 2.

Realising that apparently all you need to do is make good movies to be forgiven for any crime (a la the Roman Polanski effect), Warner Bros. are currently courting the Australian director to take the reins for what will surely be as mentally challenging a movie as The Passion of the Christ.

According to THR:

“Warner Bros. is courting (Mel Gibson) to helm Suicide Squad 2 and the sides are early in talks, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. No official offer has been made nor has any commitment.

“Sources say that Gibson is familiarizing himself with the material.”

As we’re all living in the 21st century, bear in mind that “sources” could mean “something we just made up for a laugh”. The report does stress that Mel Gibson isn’t the only name in the frame, however, with Daniel Espinosa also being eyed up. David Ayer won’t be returning as he’s currently busy working on Gotham City Sirens with Margot Robbie.

So, yeah. Digest that information however you like. Modern Hollywood is weird. Saying that, though, both Mel Gibson and the DCEU are damaged goods, so maybe they’ll be a perfect match for each other.

Oh, he wants Skrewdriver for the soundtrack? Nevermind, then.


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