Meet the Vultures: Matt McConnell

Matt McConnell

Hey, Matt! How are you? What was the last thing you ate and what would you rate it out of ten?
Salutations. I’m currently in a state of confusion. I’m reaching the 50 hour mark on Mass Effect: Andromeda and I think I’ve been enjoying it the whole time. Is this wrong?

Anyway. I don’t eat much. But when I do, I eat Creme Eggs.

That’s right. I ate a Creme Egg outside of season, the fuck you going to do about it, huh?

Shame it wasn’t actually all that nice really. Was a solid 6, so good effort and all, but not living up to the standards of all the others before it.

What’s your favourite video game
My taste in pretty much everything is considered bad. I tend to appreciate the worst of media.

So on that note: My favourite video game is David Cage’s masterpiece, Heavy Rain!

I get it, David Cage is a delusional human being. But this game had me invested from the installation screen, all the way through the many endings you can get. I’m really into games driven by character and story – innovative gameplay and interaction. Heavy Rain had it all for me and was also my first exposure to the whole ‘visual novel’ genre that Until Dawn, Life is Strange and the Telltale games have come to perfect.

I’ll be the first to admit that Heavy Rain has it flaws, the voice acting and some of the totally unnecessary ‘scenes’ you had to play through were unforgivable. But when you compare it to some of Cage’s other debacles (fuck you, Omikron), you’ve got yourself a solid game here which is consistent and unexpected. The characters are relatable, the soundtrack is excellent and along with everything is an atmosphere like no other.


What drew you to CV?
The opportunity to spread my infinite and totally valid Wrestling knowledge to thousands of people across the globe. Obviously I’m right all the time about pretty much everything, so the world should know about it.

When I saw that Cultured Vultures wrote about all these wonderful nerdy things, I just had to get involved. I’ve tried my hand at publishing stuff on wrestling and cinema in the past but most of the magazines or websites I applied to would usually turn me away.

Having such a welcoming group of people take me on as a writer and encourage me in not just these small personal endeavours but also my academic life as well has been incredible!

Big up to Jimmy, Chris and the rest of the Vultures team for bringing me in and accepting me for the absolute genius that I am.

Where else can we find you?
If you look hard enough, you can find a little bit of Matt McConnell in anything.


Come find and berate me on Twitter and Instagram @MattMac2512

Who would win in a fight: a kangaroo with one punching hand or a crocodile missing half of its teeth?
Look, I’ve played Tekken for many years, so if anyone can provide a valid answer to this question then I’m sure it’s me.

Roger Jr. could murder anyone. Fact.

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