Meet the Vultures: Adiba Jaigirdar

Adia Jaigirdar

Hey, Adiba! How are you? What was the last thing you ate and what would you rate it out of ten?
Hi! I’m great – albeit a little tired after a gruelling day at work! The last thing I ate was an apple, and I would rate it a 10/10. It was an excellent apple, and it’s keeping the doctor away (which is a difficult task because half my family are doctors – we live up to the Asian stereotype).

What’s your favourite book?
I hate this question, because picking between books for me is a little like picking between my children. But I think most mothers probably have a favourite child – my mother definitely does (spoiler alert: it’s not me) – so I would have to say my favourite book is Krik? Krak! by Edwidge Danticat. It’s a really beautiful collection of short stories centered around Haiti, migrants, refugees, etc. It also dabbles really well into some magical realism, and features Haitian vampires.

What drew you to CV?

I actually came to CV after submitting a poem for Poem of the Week (back when we did those!) and getting featured on the website. I thought it was really great how CV was giving writers all of these opportunities, and it lets us focus on what we want to write. It’s also given me a chance to explore different horizons of writing! I originally came onboard to write about books, but I’ve definitely branched out from that, and that’s very cool!

Where else can we find you?

I edit, and write for, a feminist webzine called Spectra. We also have a pretty cool podcast. I also write about all things book-related for BookRiot. You can find me on twitter as @adiba_j where I mostly tweet about my failed attempts at writing and editing my novel.

Who would win in a fight: a kangaroo with one punching hand or a crocodile missing half of its teeth?
A crocodile. With half its teeth, it’s still doing okay, and teeth are 100% more dangerous than punches. That’s my expert opinion.

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