Meet the Vultures: Adam Hopton

Adam Hopton
Photo: RMC Photo

Hey, Adam! How are you? What was the last thing you ate and what would you rate it out of ten?
Yo! I’m ok. I’m at my 9-5 job at the mo so could be better *cough support our Patreon so we can be millionaires cough*. Last thing I ate was a bourbon biscuit to stave off hunger until lunch time. It was a bourbon so I’ll give it 5/10 on the biscuit scale.

What’s your favourite video game?
Tough one. Comes down to either the Sonic series (excluding a title or two) and the Shenmue series. Is it cheating to choose a series? I don’t care. I’ll go with Sonic. That’s what sparked my love affair with games way back on the Mega Drive. Y’know, Sonic gets a lot of crap, some of it rightly so, but when people mock its expanding cast of characters, I say: have you seen the latest Mario Kart roster? Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah! Sonic is the tits, man! Can’t wait for Sonic Mania this summer.

What drew you to CV?
I was aimlessly scrolling on Facebook (I make a conscious effort not to do this anymore as I feel myself losing brain cells) and I saw a suggested/sponsored ad about writing for the site and how it encouraged amateur writers and would help to develop their skills. I sent a huge, babbling email to head honcho Jimmy and he graciously took me on board. Even though we’ve not met in person, I can tell he’s a stand-up guy and he’s put so much of his heart into CV – it really is admirable.

Where else can we find you?
You can follow me on Twitter @adamhoptonnnn to keep up with my general ponderings that are usually game related or updates on bodily functions.

I have an online portfolio but its most recent entries are my CV articles. You can go back further on there to see that I have actually developed my skills over time, although that may be hard to believe. Other than that, I play in my band, Space Driver. We’re a two-piece party-rock outfit from the future. Because we don’t live close to each other anymore, we don’t play as often as we’d like to, but it’s more of a passion project and a musical outlet for us rather than anything serious. You can find us on the usual social media places and YouTube as well as Bandcamp where you can have a listen and download two of our tracks for absolutely free! I’m also available for sampling chilli dogs. Just give me a shout.

Who would win in a fight: a kangaroo with one punching hand or a crocodile missing half of its teeth?
Hmmm. I think this depends on if the kangaroo also has the ability to kick or if it is just restricted to punching with one hand. If it can kick too then I’ll give it to Skippy. If not, the croc’s got it all the way, man.

You can check out the rest of Adam’s work this way, or find out how you can join the team here.

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