Marilyn Manson Debuts Three New Songs

A new album is still to come.


Over the past week, shock rocker Marilyn Manson kicked off his Heaven Upside Down Tour in Europe, debuting three new tracks with it.

The first track is called Revelation #12, and serves as the opening number for the band’s setlist. Heavy, unrelenting, and packed with religious imagery, Revelation #12 harkens back to Manson’s Holy Wood era with aplomb. Sporting lyrics including, “Too stupid to call himself Abel / So he called himself Eden,” Revelation #12 is a welcome return to Manson’s politically-charged fare.

The second track Manson played is We Know Where You Fucking Live, a song previously mentioned by Manson’s close friend, Charlie Hunnam (Sons of AnarchyPacific Rim). Hinting at surveillance and the current social landscape with verses including, “Let’s make something clear / We’re recording this as it happens,” and, “So what’s a nice place like this / Doing around people like us,” before screaming the title in a deafening chorus, the song supports Manson’s statements that his Heaven Upside Down LP will serve as commentary for today’s America.

The final track unveiled is Say10, for which a teaser was released last November on America’s Election Day. The video itself sparked much controversy, as it featured Manson decapitating an individual appearing to be Donald Trump, current President of the United States. Plodding and melodic, Say10 makes no mistake about what it’s about – lyrics include, “Something is shedding its scales / Crying from the heat of the light / Or the empty shell on the stage / And cash is a poor man’s money.”

Manson’s follow-up to his successful 2015 record, The Pale Emperor, was revealed last year as Say10, a play on the word “Satan” and the fact it would be his 10th studio album. The album’s original release date, Valentine’s Day, came and went with no news. Months of silence followed from the band before eerie teasers on Manson’s Instagram appeared, and it was announced in May that the LP was retitled Heaven Upside Down. There is no set release date for the album as of this writing, but a spokesperson stated it would see release later this summer. Conversely, a few individuals have reported that record stores have stated an autumn release. Either way, it will be worth listening to the self-proclaimed Antichrist Superstar deliver his brand of social commentary in this age of uncertainty and political volatility.


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