Made In Abyss Watch Order: Episodes, Movies & Shorts

Made in Abyss watch order
Made in Abyss watch order

If you enjoyed Toby Fox’s Undertale, then Made In Abyss is the perfect franchise for you to take a dive into. Join Riko and Reg as they explore a vast underground world known as the Abyss. This seemingly endless realm is filled with both wonders and horrors alike. How far will the two daring adventurers make it? There’s no turning back now.

Like the Abyss, it’s easy to get lost watching a series with multiple seasons, movies, and shorts. Not to mention that the series isn’t over yet. Season 2 – Part 2/Season 3 has been announced and is under production. If you find yourself second-guessing on how exactly to get into the show, or need a refresher or in which order you should watch it, refer to this Made In Abyss watch order to set you on the right path.


Made In Abyss Watch Order Guide

Other anime have multiple watch orders, but there’s fortunately only one proper Made In Abyss watch order. The order of chronological events matches the order of release, which makes sorting all the entries relatively easy.

  • Made In Abyss (Season 1) – 13 Episodes
  • Made In Abyss Movie 1 Journey’s Dawn (Summary/Alternative to Season 1, Episodes 1-8)
  • Made In Abyss Movie 2 Wandering Twilight (Summary/Alternative to Season 1, Episodes 9-13)
  • Marulk’s Everyday (Shorts) – 4 Episodes
  • Made in Abyss Movie 3: Dawn of the Deep Soul
  • Made in Abyss: The Golden City Of The Scorching Sun (Season 2) – 12 Episodes
  • Made in Abyss: The Golden City Of The Scorching Sun (Zoku-hen) (Season 2 Part 2) – Unreleased

The series isn’t that long yet, and since there’s only one order, you’ll coast through the series just fine by following this list.


Should You Watch The Made In Abyss Movies And Shorts?

Lots of anime series make it so that only the seasonal episodes are required watches. They just make movies, OVAs, and shorts as non-cannon side stories. Do Made In Abyss’s movies and shorts share the same fate?

You can either skip the first two movies or watch them and then skip Season 1. These two movies are simply retellings of the first season. There are a few different scenes, but you won’t miss anything crucial by skipping one or the other. Although, the season does offer better exposition and world-building if you don’t mind the longer watch time.

However, you must not skip Movie 3. Dawn Of The Deep Soul is not a recap; it is a completely canon story that takes place between the first and second seasons. It tells the entire story of the children’s journey through the Abyss’s fifth layer, so the events that happen here are pretty important.

The shorts are totally skippable. They’re only about 12 minutes in total, but if you’re really pressed for time, you won’t miss any major plot points by skipping them.


Where Can You Watch Made In Abyss?

You can watch different entries of the show through different streaming services.

Season 1 is on Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, and Netflix, depending on your region.

Season 2 is available on tons of platforms. Among the most well-known ones are Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, Disney+, Bilibili, and the Muse Asia YouTube channel.

As for the three movies, you can find them all on HIDIVE.

For fans determined to watch the shorts, they come bundled in with the Blu-ray release of Made in Abyss Movie 3: Dawn of the Deep Soul. That’s the only way you can legally watch them right now.

It’s currently unknown where the next season will go, but from the looks of the previous entries, HIDIVE is the most likely candidate.

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