Luigi’s Mansion 4 – What You Should Know

Luigi's Mansion 3
Luigi's Mansion 3

Move over, Mario. It’s Luigi’s time to shine once again. After clearing out The Last Resort hotel in Luigi’s Mansion 3, the ghost-busting reluctant hero from the Mushroom Kingdom has at least one more haunt in him. Luigi’s Mansion 4 is coming, and if you’ve enjoyed his escapades so far, you’ll want to keep abreast of what the green machine is up to.

Is this the final outing for Luigi, the plumber-turned-ghost hunter? Is Mario going to be by his green-clad brother’s side? There’s a lot of speculation going on around Luigi’s latest haunt, but this is everything you should know about Luigi’s Mansion 4.


When Will Luigi’s Mansion 4 Be Released?

As of writing this, it’s Nintendo hasn’t really said much about Luigi’s Mansion 4, so a 2023 release is out of the question. There’s also a fairly stocked late-year lineup, with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, WarioWare: Move It!, Super Mario RPG, and the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet DLC filling up the remainder of the year.

Since little has been said about Luigi’s latest supernatural adventure, even an early 2024 or mid-2024 release is highly unlikely. So, it’s safe to say Luigi’s Mansion 4 likely won’t drop until at least 2025—and that means it could even be game for Nintendo’s new console rumored to have been demoed at Gamescom 2023.


Where Will Luigi’s Mansion 4 Take Place?

One of the biggest reveals of any Luigi’s Mansion release has been the central haunted location. Previous entries have featured mansions, clockwork factories, mines, and hotels. Where Luigi’s Mansion 4 will take place remains a mystery, and there are so many opportunities for Nintendo to increase the scale of Luigi’s latest foray into the realm of the supernatural.

While an open world Luigi’s Mansion may be a little too expansive, a map layout like Dark Moon isn’t completely beyond the realm of possibilities. For those who haven’t played the first sequel, Dark Moon featured multiple locations on a larger map. This allowed for a greater variety of locations, though the mission-based structure limited free exploration.

Could Luigi’s Mansion 4 rectify the series’ restrictive linearity and allow Luigi to determine his own path? It would certainly be a nice change of pace.


What Kind of Game is Luigi’s Mansion 4?

Luigi's Mansion
Source: IGN

It’s highly unlikely Nintendo will deviate from the formula that’s worked for three games. Luigi’s Mansion 4 will most definitely follow the hapless hero in another spooky action-adventure title in some oversized haunted location. Equipped with his trusty ghost-catching Poltergust vacuum, which will surely receive a few upgrades in the new entry, he’ll hunt down and bust pesky poltergeists, bothersome Boos, and annoying apparitions.

Being the fourth entry, it may be time for Nintendo to make some bigger changes. Luigi’s Mansion 3 introduced a co-op option with the gelatinous Gooigi, but maybe this go-around Luigi will be accompanied by another Mushroom Kingdom resident. Maybe he’ll take the reins and Mario will serve as an AI or player-controlled assistant? Or could the narrative split and see the two brothers tackling their only paranormal perils?


Who is Developing Luigi’s Mansion 4?

As of writing this, there isn’t a developer pegged for Luigi’s Mansion 4. However, since Dark Moon, the series has been under the care of the Vancouver-based Next Level Games. The developer launched its first title, NHL Hitz Pro, in 2003, and has built up a fairly notable library of releases that includes Super Mario Strikers, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Strikers: Battle League, Punch-Out!! for the Wii, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, and even some work on the 2004 horror title, The Suffering.

Since 2013, Next Level Games has worked exclusively with Nintendo, and that’s not going to change after Nintendo purchased them in 2021.

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