The Lion’s Song Wants To Help You Beat Your Creative Block

When it feels like you’re just typing the same thing over and over again (as a copywriter, I know this pain all too well), it can be difficult to find any tangible creativity. Going through the motions all day and not being challenged is hardly a way to get your creative juices flowing.

Inspired by the simplicity of yesteryear, The Lion’s Song is a fascinating concept; you don’t have to mow down swathes of aliens or collect various items to beat it. You simply have to create.

Playing as Wilma, a young musician student with the world on her shoulders, you must find the secret to unlocking your creativity. Put under immense pressure to finish her composition for a meeting in Vienna, she is lost until she receives a phone call from Leos, whose friendly nature helps Wilma to find the inspiration she needs.

Gameplay is simple, you need to find items around the cabin you reside in that will help to calm Wilma down and stop her from getting distracted. You must also maintain a conversation with Leos with all your choices having an impact on later episodes in the series.

There’s no doubting that helping a virtual character to battle creative block might not sound that cathartic, but in action, it really does. I was having a bout of “word fatigue” before I stumbled across The Lion’s Song, but once I was invested, it helped me to untie some mental knots. Here’s hoping it does the same for many others.

Check it out on Steam here


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