Lawbreakers Is Officially Dead With Its Servers Shutting Down

It’s been a tough time for Lawbreakers: the hero shooter that couldn’t seem to catch a break. Launching at an inopportune time against already established competition, it never really managed to capture the audience it needed to grow and change into the game it could have been.

We’ll never know what Lawbreakers might have looked like if it was a success or had a decent enough playerbase, because it is officially no more. Following the game briefly going F2P, Nexon and Boss Key, who are now defunct themselves, have officially given up the ghost.

The Lawbreakers servers have been shut down, which was confirmed by an ex-developer on the game.

It’s a shame, though hardly a surprise when your playerbase isn’t even strong enough to justify keeping the servers online. Lawbreakers became something of a meme shortly after release with its number of players failing to set any charts ablaze and it never really improved from there.

Following the failure of Lawbreakers, Boss Key made a last-ditch attempt to stay in business with battle royale game Radical Heights, which launched into “Xtreme” Early Acess. It never moved past that phase with Boss Key’s gamble not paying off, leading them to fold after okay but unspectacular player numbers for Radical Heights.

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