Last Chance For July 2019’s PlayStation Plus Games

Emotional androids and arcade thrills abound.

Detroit: Become Human

Not yet played a clumsy yet charming parable about technology and racism, or an Outrun-inspired racer that’s a lot better than it was initially given credit for? Your time is running out to claim your PlayStation Plus games for July 2019.

Today (August 5th) is the last day when Detroit: Become Human and Horizon Chase Turbo are available for your subscription. If you don’t want to play either right now, don’t forget that you can just add them to your library for a later date.

The marquee game for the month that was, Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream is the most recent narrative-driven title from the minds behind Heavy Rain. In it, you play as three different androids in a not too distant future in which society is split down the middle. So not much different from now, really. It’s a little heavy-handed with its message, but is still an overall good time.

Horizon Chase Turbo is decidely more indie title, a racing game that is heavily inspired by the early days of the genre itself. The Outrun comparison is obvious, but Horizon Chase Turbo’s sense of speed is much faster and it’s just pure arcade fun. If you’re looking for something like Gran Turismo or Forza, Horizon isn’t it. Nothing wrong with not having to fiddle with your exhaust before every race, mind you.

If you remember, Detroit wasn’t even meant to be one of the free games for July; PES 2019 was substituted at the last minute after Sony had a change of heart. The decision made sense: the newer PES will be out very soon and there’s already a free version available to download.

August 2019’s PlayStation Plus games are Sniper Elite 4 and WipEout Omega Collection and will be available from tomorrow, August 6th.

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