Is Kingdom Hearts 4 Coming to Game Pass?


First launched on the PS2, the Kingdom Hearts series has had a whirlwind existence, bouncing between consoles and handhelds. Sora and company have battled the Heartless on more than nine devices, the Xbox One being among them. While the upcoming fifteenth installment in the series, Kingdom Hearts 4, has had no official platform announcement, it’s likely to find its way onto Xbox Series X & S. And, of course, any Xbox launch comes with one inevitable question: “Is it coming to Game Pass?”

While we have a long way until Square Enix releases the start of the “Lost Master” story arc, there are some clues that may suggest the answer to this pressing question.


Kingdom Hearts 4 on Game Pass

Since details on Kingdom Hearts 4 are incredibly slim, there’s no concrete answer as to whether it will wind up on Game Pass. However, history does suggest it’s a possibility.

The Xbox streaming service has been home to many prestigious titles, so Kingdom Hearts 4 joining the revolving library isn’t unfathomable. In fact, Kingdom Hearts III joined Game Pass in February 2020 and remained available for a little under two years. While it’s unlikely that Kingdom Hearts 4 will launch Day One on Game Pass, there’s a good chance it will eventually make its way onto the subscription service.

Square Enix also isn’t a stranger to the Game Pass platform. Along with Kingdom Hearts III, Marvel’s Avengers, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and several Final Fantasy games have all graced Game Pass with their presence.


About Kingdom Hearts 4

The fourth main entry in the Kingdom Hearts series sees the return of Sora, now an older teenager trapped in the realistic world of Quadratum. The city, inspired by Tokyo, is unlike anything the series has seen, and players will spend quite a bit of time exploring the hub world. It wouldn’t be Kingdom Hearts without a number of worlds inspired by popular Disney properties, though none have been officially confirmed yet.

Sora’s companions, Donald and Goofy, will be returning to rescue Sora from Quadratum. Other familiar faces like Strelitzia from Kingdom Hearts Union X will play a role in the newest adventure, and players can expect a host of Disney and Square Enix favorites to join in on the fun.

To help him defeat the Heartless once again, Sora has access to his classic Keyblade and a new grappling hook to use in combat and traversal. Reaction commands and Keyblade transformations return, accompanied by a new building mechanic that’s yet to be explored in full. The very brief glimpse of gameplay we did see in the reveal trailer promises larger-scale battlegrounds and more dynamic combat.

Kingdom Hearts 4 currently has no release window, though 2025 or 2026 seems likely.

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