Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC And Critical Mode Confirmed For 2019

Free stuff and not free stuff coming to Kingdom Hearts 3 before the year is up.

Kingdom Hearts

Both free and paid DLC updates have been confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3 and are intended to arrive before the end of 2019. The director for the Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura, revealed the news in an interview with Dengeki PlayStation on Wednesday.

Nomura explained that the free DLC will be released as updates once it is finished and paid DLC will be released in one collection containing several features. He hinted that one thing players can expect the DLC to explain is the backstory of Xion returning to Organisation XIII.

The developers are currently working on the Critical Mode difficulty setting, which Nomura suggests is nearing the final stages of completion. He said: “It’s not simply a matter of changing numbers and making things stronger; we fine-tune and debug multiple times.

“We are polishing things to make sure it’s not simply a more difficult mode and is as fun as you would expect from Critical.”

This increased difficulty setting provides a more challenging experience for players and has traditionally been added as a supplement to Kingdom Hearts titles following their release.

No release date has been scheduled for any updates. However, Nomura stated that all DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released before the end of the year so that the team can focus on their next project.

A handy translation of the full interview can be found on KHInsider, where Nomura explains more about Kingdom Hearts 3 and goes on to discuss the potential for the future of the series.

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