Kingdom Come Deliverance’s First Post-Launch Patch Coming In Two Weeks

kingdom Come deliverance

If you’ve been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance today, you probably know that it’s a couple of patches away from being at the level it needs to be. The performance isn’t always that hot and there are more bugs than a Men In Black reference, even when considering the massive day one patch it had.

As expected, reviews have been pretty polarised so far. Some reviewers can’t look past the game’s unpolished nature while others appreciate the rough diamond that it is. The scores so far run the gamut between as low as a 4 and as high as 9. Steam reviews currently sit the game at a Mostly Positive: not a bad overall rating, but there’s room for improvement there.

The aforementioned improvement looks like it’s going to be a little while, however.

Warhorse Studios’ Daniel Vávra took to Twitter to update fans on a patch and also one of his favourite glitches so far. They’re aware of the issues, which is good, and say that you can expect some movement over the next two weeks. The glitch is also fantastic.

It’s a long wait, but considering the relatively small size of Warhorse, it makes sense. If you’ve been put off buying Kingdom Come because of its well publicised issues, you might want to hold on a little while longer. It’s still definitely playable, though.

I’ve put roughly 30 hours into the game so far ahead of a review for later this week. If you’re after my first impressions, here’s the gist:

“Perhaps my criticisms of Kingdom Come: Deliverance are so harsh because I toiled through such a concentrated section of frustration, but it was hard to ignore its faults even before they all so blindingly came into focus. Despite the flaws, there’s clearly been a lot of love poured into the game and I’ve barely touched upon how deep and rewarding so many other aspects of it are. It’s still too early for me to make a judgement call on the game, but it must be a good sign that I can look past the many issues I have with it and continue to enjoy the rough diamond at its core. Look for my review later in the week. For now, I will be getting drunk with priests and hoping for patches.”